Bike for ADAM 2021

August 11. - 15. 2021
Will we be able to build on last year's successful challenge together?

This year, Martin Souček has again prepared a donor sports challenge, during which he will be cycling for 5 days. Martin will try to climb the height of Mount Everest on Dlouhé stráně, drive 200 km to Lichnov and conquer the 24-hour non-stop cycling race Lichnov24. Adam, our group of friends and other handicapped children who won their bike in 2020 will also be with him for 5 days. Details about what awaits us can be found HERE.
Move with us again, and you will help get special bikes for handicapped children!

You can get involved by cycling or running, anywhere in the world. Every kilometer counts - some cover 5 kilometers on the way to the store, others manage to go around the country. It's up to you. The only limitation is the date of the challenge - we will count only the kilometers reported for the period 11.-15. 8. 2021. At the end of the challenge, we will count all your kilometers truthfully. For each kilometer, our partners will contribute 5 CZK to the non-profit organization Černí Koně, which will produce bicycles for the children in need.



Every kilometer you travel by bike or you run during our challenge counts (August 11 - 15, 2021)

How to join
Contribute any amount to our collection at
Contribute the amount you choose for each kilometer reported during the challenge or together we will come up with another form of partnership.

Share us on your website, social networks or tell about Bikes for Adam to your friends or colleagues.


Pay a symbolic entry fee of at least CZK 100 to the collection at
Ride your bike or run out at any time between 11 and 15 August 2021.
Report the number of kilometers in this form.

Track all kilometers in your usual way - using a mobile app, a smart watch or a tracker. If you do not have such an option, we will still recognize the kilometers for you. We believe that we all play fair play.
When filling out the form, it is necessary to state the same e-mail as the one entered when paying the entry fee to This condition also applies when reporting for a team ride. This will allow us to connect your kilometers to the starting fee.


The one who is behind the challenge and invents most of the mad challenges which eventually bring us all together in sports and at the very end sees the joy of children from new special bikes, has the nickname "Captain”, but his official name is Martin Souček: an avid cyclist who does not hesitate to use his free time to organize our challenge Bikes for ADAM and he makes everyone so excited that suddenly they realize that they are now riding a bike. He is the one who created all of this and thanks to him everything works as it should.

A coincidence (although we somehow suspect that coincidences do not exist ...) led him to the non-profit organization Černí Koně, which helps children to ride. And Černí koně are inextricably linked with the name Tomáš Pouch alias The Boss. Tomas himself is handicapped, so he knows exactly the ups and downs that others face. However, bicycles are not only made for them, but Tomáš also employs disabled colleagues, thus enabling them to participate in active life.

Another very important person tied to Černí koně is Zdeněk. Zdeněk Zvolský is a great role model for all of us, he is in a good mood in any situation and he can always encourage everyone. At the age of 36, Zdenda had an accident that changed his life into the unknown, from which he got out of thanks to his incredible fighting spirit. He gave and gives again and again performances that others hardly can do. He loves children and actively helps them at Černí koně events.

At the events, he met "our" Adam Kuthan, whom he proposed to be the team's patron in the Metrostav Handy Cyklo Marathon 2020, and which Adam won in his category. Here our circle closes, or rather starts - followed by the first year of the Bikes for ADAM challenge, and now we are organizing the second year, of which you can be a part of again.

And why are we doing all this? Last year we managed to raise 777,777 CZK ( 30k EUR) and thus we were able to buy14 special bicycles for children. As a bonus, a number of incredible and beautiful stories were created, people joined us for shorter and longer sections, random meetings in the middle of the woods, after people heard Adam's story, which spread over the country, in Liberec a handicapped girl joined us and in Frýdek- Místek, a beautiful girl got on a tricycle for the first time and didn't want to get off it anymore .... Children and elderly, healthy and sick, rode with us, and almost everyone exceeded their personal limits, all for a good cause, which is for us the most beautiful feeling of the whole event!


After last year's tour of the country, Martin has come up with another challenge for this year, which he will try to conquer. Adam, our group of friends and other handicapped children who got their bikes in 2020 will also be with him for 5 days. While you cover your kilometers, this program awaits Martin:

11.8 - 12.8

Everesting Dlouhé stráně

Martin and other friends take on this wonderful attempt to overcome the official challenge of Everesting CC‍

  • adults, including our tricyclist Zdenda
  • program for children - with the support of friends from 1000 miles for one goal, with the help of musher dogs we will try to conquer the relay Everesting, ie 12 children, 12 relays starting in a row and in total these relays will climb Mt.Everest
  • discussion with our Paralympian Katka Antošová before her trip to Tokyo


Cycling 200 km to Lichnov

To make it not so easy, we have prepared for us a challenging crossing from Dlouhé stráně to Lichnov. How else but by bike ;) We will offer you the route here and invite you to join Martin and his friends. Come on in with us!

14.8 - 15.8

Lichnov 24h Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

In Lichnov, Martin is ready to take part in a cycling race for 24 hours of non-stop riding.

Martin will be joined by ADAM to overcome this difficult challenge, who, thanks to last year's challenge and his incredible fighting spirit and training, has progressed so far further that at the age of 14 he will join such a challenge together with 4 other handicapped friends.

It will be an incredible ride, you can also join, but you can support Martin and others anywhere in the world with your movement.

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Kam společně přispíváme

Všechny vybrané peníze poputují do neziskové organizace Černí koně, která od roku 2008 vyrábí speciální kola pro tělesně postižené děti, zaměstnává handicapované a organizuje paracyklistické závody. Jejich zásluhou už má víc než 150 handicapovaných dětí své vysněné kolo – a dalším pomůžeme letos!


Together, our partners are currently contributing 5 CZK for each kilometer that you bike/run.

Staňte se partnerem

Chcete-li se stát partnerem Kola pro ADAMA, kontaktuje prosím Martina Součka, tel. 774 966 683, e-mail:


Can I join the challenge but not do any sports:

You can support the challenge with a financial donation to or share it on your website, social networks, or tell your friends or colleagues about the Bikes for Adam.

Can I ride an e-bike or scooter?

Yes! We accept rides of all kinds, including e-bikes, special bikes (handbikes, tricycles) and scooters. We also accept kilometers from bicycle trainers, for which you can prove the distance traveled.

Can I run on a treadmill or ride a treadmill?

Of course! Don't forget to take a picture or otherwise save the number of kilometers you will need when reporting on the form.

If I have more activities to report, do I have to pay an "entry fee" for each one separately?

No, the entry fee is paid per person. It is only necessary to state the same e-mail that you provided on when reporting activities, so that we can pair your activities. But if you repeatedly contribute to children's cycling, we will not resist. :)

Our whole family/team is joining, is there an "entry fee" for each member?

Yes, each member of the expedition pays separately, including children. You contribute to bicycles for children.

Where should I send my kilometers?

Via the form HERE. There you will find instructions that will guide you through everything.

Can I report multiple activities at once, or do I have to enter one at a time?

You can add up the kilometers and enter everything at once, but we will be happy if you always show us the kilometers after each activity, thus helping to motivate others for further performance.

How to report miles when there's more of us biking or running together?

The best way is to report the kilometers for each member separately. If it is impractical, just fill in the name and surname of the group leader, the number of sports members and the name of the team for which you report the kilometers. Add up the number of kilometers for all together.

Until when do I have to report kilometers?

The form will be operational approximately one week after the end of the challenge. But don't delay with the filling so that in the end your driven kilometers are not wasted

Are you on social networks?
Why are we doing all this?

Because we enjoy helping, especially children. And we also enjoy cycling. A lot :)